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More Sleepy Pete

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I’m headed out of town for a few days, and won’t be updating the blog during that time.

So, I leave you with this picture of Petey, doing one of the things he does best! If you look closely, you can see the area over his ribs that was shaved when his chest was tapped. Amazingly, that fur has started to regrow! It looks like dirty velvet now.

And, over the past week, Petey has gained almost 1 lb (.8 to be precise). Just goes to show what a little bacon roasted chicken and determination can do.

Don’t worry about Petey while I’m gone. He’s in the capable hands of Drs. Gil and Petey, and the many dedicated vet techs at the hospital. All of whom love Petey, even though he’s peed on a couple of them.

I know he’ll get his medication, get his regularly scheduled treatment, get petted and adored as he deserves. So why do I feel so guilty? 😦


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The New Normal

Petey, January 08

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We interrupt the unrelenting darkness of recent postings with this special photo bulletin.

Petey is still Petey. Just with less fur and more toxic chemicals!

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